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Coffee Painting Framed

A Cup of Ambition


Whats your morning cup? 

Coffee or Tea, a staple drink, comes in many flavors, varieties and blends to suit everyone. Do you call it Java, Espresso, Latte, Mocha, or Joe. Your morning cup is not just a drink, however, it's an experience. Having  your first cup in the morning is often a calm, easy way to wake up and begin the day. Having a cup of ambition with a good friend as you share your life experiences creates memories to last a lifetime. This piece is a fabulous way to invite anyone back into your life - to meet over a hot, steaming cup of the real stuff, of course (dont forget the irish cream and baileys haha!)
Created with Acrylic in : Gold, Raw Sienna, Brown, White, and Mars Black
Framed in Gold/Black
Size: 40'X28'

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