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Nayari Veras

Paint Party Artist & Host

As host of NV Creations mission to bring the joy of creativity to people's lives while painting! Believing that art has the power to inspire, connect, and uplift individuals, and to create an inclusive and supportive environment where everyone can unleash their inner artist. Offering paint sessions provide a unique and interactive experience, bringing the joy of painting directly to our customers' chosen locations. Commission paintings are created in aims to capture the essence of each client's vision,create personalized, and meaningful works of art. NV Creations mission is to ignite creativity, foster self-expression, and create lasting memories through art.

It was 2022:
31 years of age, I have always known I'd live my life with purpose and meaning. After working in the mental health field for over 7 years, I have dedicated to heal people's lives in a very different way through my artwork. How? I provide Joy!
Since then hosting paint parties has been my joy and my way of sharing my joy .

Feel free to browse my Art Portfolio to get a better understanding of how I've grown my ability to create artwork over the years. I Thank you all in advance for your support and be sure to follow me on social media on the links below! I wish for you positivity and happiness within your lives everyday 💝


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