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Denim- Pathways for Change

Denim- Pathways for Change

Introducing our Denim-Pathways for Change print, a powerful piece that is not only stunning to look at, but also carries a meaningful message. This print features a beautiful acrylic on canvas design with the words "Ending Silence, Ending Sexual Violence" emblazoned across it in bold, empowering lettering. 20% of the proceeds from each purchase of this artwork will be donated to Pathways for Change, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending sexual violence and providing support to survivors. Each print is carefully crafted and printed with high-quality inks, ensuring a vibrant and long-lasting piece for your home or office. Make a statement and support a great cause with our Denim-Pathways for Change print.
  • Pathways for Change

    With a long standing record of accomplishments and a commitment to reaching the diverse communities within Central Massachusetts, Pathways is proudly one of the leading rape crisis centers in Massachusetts and has served as an example of promising practices nationally.

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